Wall Mounted Pulley 14 kg, 20 kg

With its range of accessories, the Lojer Pulley is one of the most diverse pieces of medical training therapy equipment. The pulley is used in physiotherapy and other forms of therapy to train and strengthen different parts of the body, even the entire body. A pulley enables precisely defined use of resistance, with sufficiently small weights and small increments. Depending on the type of exercises, the pulley can be used to improve circulation, co-ordination, endurance or strength. The purpose of its versatility is to assist the therapist in giving the patient an accurate training dosage, in order to restore functional qualities like circulation, co-ordination, endurance and strength to the musculoskeletal system.

• CE–marked medical equipment
• One pulling handle (as standard)
• Sturdy construction
• Weight stack covered with steel casing for safety
• The height of the pulling handle and the length of the cord can be adjusted in 5 cm increments
• Quiet, smooth resistance across the whole range of movement
• Four fixing points for fixing against a wall

Overall height
230 cm

26 cm

24 cm

Total weight
44 kg (with 14 kg weight stack) 50 kg (with 20 kg weight stack)

CE-marked Yes
Warranty 2 / 10 years
Country of Manufacture Finland

Handle (standard for Pulley, Speed Pulley and Mobile Speed Pulley) (R282H834)
• Padded Ankle/Wrist Band 25.8 cm ((402020)
• Padded Thigh/Shoulder Band 55.8 cm (402021)
• Padded Waist Band 100.8 cm (402022)
• Rotation Band (402025)
• Support Bar to be Attached to Adjustment Bar (VH8083)
• Crossbar with Cord Wheel and Cord (15106)
• Leather/Ankle Wrist Strap (402030)
• Leather Waist Strap, Short (402031)
• Leather Waist Strap, Long (402032)
• Leather Knee/Shoulder Strap (402033)
• Multipurpose Strap (402034)
• 32.5 Short Ankle Strap (not in picture) (402029)
• Triceps Handle (13107)
• Rowing Handle (402024)
• Pulley Doubler (R282CW1440)
• MTT Training Glove (210050)