LOJER Twin Speed Pulley
(100 kg / 220 lbs)


The Lojer Speed Pulley offers many more advantages than a regular pulley. You can infinitely vary the speed of the movement without having to worry about the weight plates flying up uncontrollably. Even at very high speeds, the movements and resistance are remarkably smooth. Exercise progressions can be achieved by incorporating the element of speed, thus increasing/decreasing workloads without changing the number of weight increments. It can be used with one or both handles and this will vary the resistance: 0.5kg’s / 1 lb per plate per rope. You can perform bilateral movements with a single pulley where you would normally need (2) regular pulleys which allow you to save space. What makes the Lojer Speed pulley so versatile is that it can be used in many functional movement patterns. For sports specific retraining, you can do such thing as a fast/slow throwing action with baseball attachment. You can perform kicking movements, racquet sport movements, cross country skiing arm action, ECT… With one rope you can travel an astonishing distance of 34 feet! This allows for forward/backward/lateral running or walking with resistance. You can also perform repeated resisted lunges over a long distance or lateral movements for hip patients. There are other interesting applications such as internal/external shoulder rotation with scapular stabilization (retraction) using the second rope. The scope of applications far exceeds a regular pulley.


Lojer Pulley


Overall height
216 cm / 85 inches (with 100 kg / 220 lbs weight stack)

51 cm 21 inches (with 100 kg 220 lbs weight stack)

46 cm (with 100 kg / 220 lbs weight stack)

Total weight
174 kg / 384 lbs (with 100 kg / 220 lbs weight stack)

CE -marked Yes
Warranty 2 / 10 years
Country of manufacture


* Handle (standard for Pulley, Speed Pulley and Mobile Speed Pulley) (R282H834)
* Padded Ankle/Wrist Band 25.8 cm / 10 inches(402020)
* Padded Thigh/Shoulder Band 55.8 cm / 22 inches (402021)
* Padded Waist Band 100.8 cm /40 inches (402022)
* Rotation Band (402025)
* Support Bar to be Attached to Adjustment Bar, with wheel (VH80831)
* Support Bar to be Attached to Adjustment Bar (VH8083)
* Accessory Rack (LM14342)
* Crossbar with cord wheel and cord for Speed Pulley 50 kg (15106T)
* Crossbar with cord and wheel and cord for Speed Pulley 80 kg / 177 lbs
or 100 kg / 220 lbs (15106)
* Leather/Ankle Wrist Strap (402030)
* Leather Waist Strap, short (402031)
* Leather Waist Strap, long (402032)
* Leather Knee/Shoulder Strap (402033)
* Multipurpose Strap (402034)
* 32.5 Short Ankle Strap (not in picture) (402029)
* Triceps Handle (13107)
* Rowing Handle (402024)
* Eccentric Pulley (SE11579)
* Negative Weight Set (SE9096)
* Baseball Trainer (SE9220)
* MTT Training Glove (210050)