LOJER Mobile Speed Pulley



The movable, lowered Mobile Speed Pulley is a good option when space is limited or wall space cannot be used for attaching equipment.  It is also an excellent option for situations where treatment or physiotherapy is to be carried out inwards. The Mobile Speed Pulley features a 50 kg covered weight stack.


• CE–marked medical equipment
• Extremely sturdy construction
• Four castors, centrally lockable
• Two adjustment handles
• Weight stack covered with steel casing for safety
• Training resistance changes 0.5 kg per weight, per cord.
• The height of the pulling handle and the length of the cord can be adjusted in 5 cm increments
• Quiet, smooth resistance across the whole range of movement, and the pulling mechanism allows quick, even explosive exercise movements


Overall height
190 cm

66 cm

100 cm

Total weight
85 kg

Castors 75 mm
central locking
CE-marked Yes Warranty 2 / 10 years
Country of Manufacture Finland

Lojer Pulley


• Handle (standard for Pulley, Speed Pulley and Mobile Speed Pulley) (R282H834)
• Padded Ankle/Wrist Band 25.8 cm ((402020)
• Padded Thigh/Shoulder Band 55.8 cm (402021)
• Padded Waist Band 100.8 cm (402022)
• Rotation Band (402025)
• Support Bar to be Attached to Adjustment Bar (VH8083)
• Leather/Ankle Wrist Strap (402030)
• Leather Waist Strap, Short (402031)
• Leather Waist Strap, Long (402032)
• Leather Knee/Shoulder Strap (402033)
• Multipurpose Strap (402034)
• 32.5 Short Ankle Strap (not in picture) (402029)
• Triceps Handle (13107)
• Rowing Handle (402024)
• MTT Training Glove (210050)