Original Lojer accessories for your pulley systems are designed
to perform at the highest level.

LO-R282H834 (A) Standard Pulley Handle
LO-402020 (B) Padded Ankle / Wrist Band
LO-402021 (C) Padded Thigh/Shoulder Band (Blue 50cm / 20in)
LO-402022 (D) Padded Waist Band (Blue 100cm / 40in)
LO-402025 (E) Rotation Band
LO-VH8083 (F) Support Bar
LO15106 (H) Crossbar with Cord Wheel and Cord
LO-VD6800 (I) Handle Grip (Verticl Pull)
LO-13107 (J) Triceps Handle
LO-402024 (K) Rowing Handle
LO-13120 (L) Foot Support Vert. Pull
LO-SE8369 (M) Neg. Weight bar Curved
LO-SE9083 (N) Neg. Weight bar Straight
LO-R282CW1440 (O) Pulley Doubler
LO-SE11579 (P) Eccentric Pulley
LO-SE9096 (Q) Negative Weight Set
LO-SE9012 (R) Rope Shortner (Bar Only)
LO-210050 (U) MTT Training Glove
LO-402030 (1) Leather/Ankle Wrist Strap
LO-402031 (2) Leather Waist Strap Short (114cm / 45in Long)
LO-402032 (3) Leather Waist Strap Long(140cm / 55in Long)
LO-402033 (4) Leather Knee/Shldr Strap
LO-402034 (5) Multi Purpose Strap
RM-LO-SE11481 - Set of 2 extra weights at 0.25kg / .55lbs each